IWGSC technical workshop at PAG 2023

IWGSC From Structural to Functional Wheat Genomics Workshop at PAG 2023

The wheat reference genome sequence (IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 & v2.1) has provided a foundation that has propelled recent advances in research and improvement of wheat. For the Structural and Functional Genomics Workshop, continued advances in research and understanding will require new experimental and computational approaches to structurally identify and assign function to genes (both coding and non-coding) as well as regulatory elements and epigenetic states. Accordingly, abstracts submitted for this workshop should focus on genome-scale studies that improve understanding of wheat genome function through the development of additional data resources, computational and experimental studies, exploration of gene families and pathways, and platforms that facilitate annotation and visualization.

Organizers: Joshua Stein, Pierre Sourdille and Kellye Eversole
Room: Town and Country B


1:30pm: Joshua Stein, IWGSC Overview. Slides

1:40pm: Andrea Gonzalez-Munoz, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The Pangenome of Aegilops tauschii Facilitates High-Resolution Genomics Studies. Abstract - Slides

2:10pm: Andy Chen, John Innes Centre. Short Vegetative Phase-A1 (SVP-A1) Underlies the Long Glume Locus, P2, of Triticum Ispahanicum. Abstract

2:40pm: Shawn Quinn, Curio Genomics. Leveraging the IWGSC Gene Annotations with Additional Cultivars in Curio. Abstract - Slides

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