Sonmez data now available at URGI

Data from Turkish elite cultivar Sonmez now available at URGI

Data from the reference sequence of the Turkish elite cultivar Sonmez generated by Hikmet Budak, Ani Akpinar, Sezgi Bıyıklıoğlu, and Valérie Barbe (Montana BioAg.Inc, USA and Genoscope, France) are now available to download at URGI in open access.

Bread wheat cultivar Sonmez-2001 is a registered variety that is notable for its performance under low irrigation conditions, which further improves upon irrigation. 

A reference-guided whole genome sequence of Sonmez-2001, assembled into 21 chromosomes of the A, B and D genomes and totaling to 13.3 gigabase-pairs in length was generated. Additionally, a de novo assembly, of an additional 1.05 gigabase-pairs, was generated that represents either Sonmez-specific sequences or sequences that considerably diverged between Sonmez and Chinese Spring. 

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B. Ani Akpinar, Philippe Leroy, Nathan S. Watson-Haigh et al. Reference Genome Sequencing Of The Elite Bread Wheat Cultivar, “Sonmez”, 25 February 2022, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square

Publication date: 19 May 2022 | By: ic