Wheat Exome v1

IWGSC Wheat Exome v1 now available for bread and durum wheat from Arbor Biosciences

On October 4, 2019, Arbor Biosciences announced the official release of the myBaits® Expert Wheat Exome capture panel developed in collaboration with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC). The panel was designed using the reference genome for bread wheat cv. Chinese Spring, IWGSC RefSeq v1.0, which was fully annotated and published by IWGSC members. The panel utilizes over two million probes to cover 200 megabases of high confidence exons in the genome and is compatible with both hexaploid and tetraploid cultivars of wheat.

This kit saves exome-focused researchers orders of magnitude in sequencing and analysis costs compared to whole genome sequencing, and pairs with virtually all library preparation chemistries and sequencing platforms. The Wheat Exome v1 panel can be used within one’s lab as a complete in-solution target capture kit including buffers, blockers, and baits, along with an easy-to-use protocol. Or, for those wishing to outsource, the myReads NGS services team at Arbor Biosciences provides library prep and wheat exome sequencing for $400 per sample when submitting a 384 sample project.

Additionally, Arbor Biosciences recently announced a partnership with Curio Genomics for bioinformatics analysis of the wheat genome. The Curio Genomics platform streamlines bioinformatics analysis by moving beyond the typical pipeline approach by enabling parallel processing of large sequencing datasets. Curio brings together both analytical processing and data visualization into a common toolset that allows researchers to experiment and ask questions of the data in a very fluid fashion. Curio's unique incremental and parallel approach to processing wheat exome samples allows users to compare, change analytical settings and apply different filters all in real time with the results immediately at their fingertips.

The strategic partnership between Curio and Arbor Biosciences completes an end-to-end solution from DNA to variant analysis for wheat exome sequencing through the myReads® NGS services product. Researchers can select from a complete solution for processing and analyzing samples, or process samples in their own lab and utilize the Curio platform for data analysis and variant calling. Catalog pricing is available for wheat exome kits and services, and custom projects (wheat or otherwise) are readily accepted to answer specific research questions and meet budget requirements.

The partnership with Arbor Biosciences, IWGSC, and Curio Genomics will continue as Arbor plans to develop new iterations of the exome panel and data analysis suite as understanding of the wheat genome grows. Additionally, Arbor Biosciences is developing panels specific to disease and drought resistance for wheat researchers.

For more information please contact Arbor Bioscience.

Publication date: 12 January 2021 | By: ic