IWGSC and Catherine Feuillet Early Career Award

The IWGSC Early Career Award becomes the IWGSC and Catherine Feuillet Early Career Award

Created in 2007, the prestigious Early Career Award is awarded to talented early career scientists working on wheat genomics. The goal of the award is to engage early career scientists in wheat research broadly and in the IWGSC specifically.

Recipient of the Award present their work at the main IWGSC workshop at the Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG) in San Diego, California, USA. They also receive a travel stipend to help defray the costs associated with participating in the Conference and the workshop.

Well known in the wheat community for her pioneering work on wheat genomics, Catherine Feuillet (Inari, USA) has been instrumental in all aspects of the IWGSC development since its beginning in 2005, from establishing the overall vision to defining the strategic roadmap, to delivering a high-quality genome sequence. She was a member of the IWGSC Board and leadership team from 2005 to 2018 and is still involved in the organization as a member of the Coordinating Committee.

“Since the beginning of the IWGSC, the early career award fulfills the IWGSC purpose of bringing together scientists from all horizons and career stages to push the boundaries of wheat improvement through genomics. I am thrilled to support this award and hear from the achievements of the next generation of scientists toward this endeavor”, said Catherine Feuillet.

Since its inception, 23 early career scientists have been selected and have benefited from the opportunity to present their work to a large audience in an international scientific meeting.

Eligibility to the Early Career Award is restricted to graduate or post‐doctoral students, scientists who do not have a group, and scientists who received their Ph.D. within the past 10 years.

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