Rudi Appels receives the 2021 Farrer Memorial Medal

Rudi Appels receives the 2021 Farrer Memorial Medal

IWGSC founding member Rudi Appels has been awarded the 2021 Farrer Memorial Medal for his extensive work in wheat genome research.

Rudi Appels is Honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne and Research Fellow at AgriBio (Latrobe University), both in Melbourne, Australia.

Rudi Appels he has been at the heart and soul of the consortium since its inception in 2005. He has been involved in all aspects of the consortium – from establishing the overall vision to defining the steps in the roadmap that would ensure a useful sequence for breeders. Rudi has been an IWGSC leadership team and Board member since 2005 and led the team that sequenced chromosome 7A. He is currently involved in the functional and manual annotation of the IWGSC reference sequence. invoved

The Farrer Memorial Trust was established in 1911 to perpetuate the memory of Australia’s leading wheat breeder William James Farrer and to encourage and inspire agricultural scientists. Each year the NSW Department of Primary Industries award The Farrer Memorial Medal to a worthy recipient in recognition of distinguished service in agricultural science and contribution to Australia’s cropping industries.

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