A roadmap for gene functional characterization in wheat

Webinar: A roadmap for gene functional characterization in wheat

On 15 July 2020, the IWGSC organized a webinar entitled "A roadmap for gene functional characterization in wheat" presented by Cristobal Uauy (John Innes Centre, UK)


Understanding gene function will accelerate crop improvement by allowing targeted breeding approaches. Despite their importance, a lack of genomic information and resources has hindered the functional characterisation of genes in wheat. The recent release of high-quality reference sequences underpins a suite of genetic and genomic resources that support basic research and breeding. For wheat, these include gene model annotations, expression atlases and gene networks that provide information about putative function. Sequenced mutant populations, improved transformation protocols and structured natural populations provide rapid methods to study gene function directly. In this webinar, we will review these resources and exemplify their use.


Cristobal Uauy, Group Leader, John Innes Centre, UK

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